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A Romantic Weekend – Lockdown Style

It’s that time of year when everyone likes to cosy up, be comfortable, and feel loved. With lots of places in local lockdowns, and the potential for another full lockdown, having a date night or romantic weekend away may seem impossible. Fear not, here are my handy tips for having a romantic date night/weekend ‘away’ without breaking the law!

Pre-date Preparation

Now usually I am not one for making an effort if I’m staying at home (pj’s messy hair, and no make-up), but if you want to have a romantic night in then making an effort is essential.

  • Relaxing bath – pamper yourself beforehand to make sure you are destressed ready for a night with your lover. The last thing anyone wants is a rushed date talking about work or weekly annoyances. Get it out of your system and wash away your troubles with bubbles. I like to buy from local peeps, and at the moment I am loving the Pink Peach bath slab by Miss Patisserie .
  • Outfit – depending on how you feel I would opt for something sexy but comfy to sit around in. Maybe a nice stretchy bodycon dress, posh slippers, and nice undies. If getting dressed is a bit too much, I like a black chemise and matching robe, Boux Avenue do some lovely sets (looks better than my fluffy pj’s). And these ballet pump slippers from M&S are just so cute. The guys can get some nice pj’s and slippers as well (check out M&S ), making an effort isn’t just for the ladies!
  • Make-up – I rarely wear make-up anyway, but I would put some on for date night so this date shouldn’t be any different. It doesn’t have to be the full shebang, but a little dusting of sparkle won’t go amiss with your partner.

Date Night Tips

Every date night has 3 key components; food, drinks, romance. Once you have these 3 areas nailed down, the rest is plain sailing! Here are some suggestions on re-creating a date night in the comfort of your own home.


Order in! Nobody wants to do washing or cooking on date night, that’s why we usually go out for a meal. There are plenty of places (including pubs and restaurants) now doing take away/delivery services. There are also companies such as the Bespoke Posh Platters in Cardiff who put together a delicious hamper of food and deliver it to your door. Go one step further and use paper plates to avoid dirty dishes!


Bubbles and cocktails are generally my go-to for date night. Tesco do a reasonable priced prosecco and it tastes good as well. Or get a few recipe ideas from the internet or book and have your own cocktail making evening together. Much cheaper than attending a cocktail making evening at a bar! Don’t just think about yourself though, make sure you get some of your partners favourite tipples in.


This is where you can get creative and turn a regular meal at home, into a romantic evening for 2.

  • Dinner table – set the table with candles, napkins, and some pretty accessories such as flowers. Setting the scene so it’s different from normal will add to the romance. It will also make your partner feel special and valued as you’re making an effort to woo them.
  • Film night picnic – instead of eating at the table, how about getting warm blankets and cushions on the floor in from of the TV for a cosy film night buffet. For an even more spectacular film night, take it out to the garden (weather permitting).
  • Al Fresco dining – I know the temperature had dropped but if you’ve got a patio heater or fire pit then creating a romantic night out on the decking is such a crowd pleaser. Get those cute outdoor lights glowing, soft cushions and blankets, candles, and hey presto ❤ Get some marshmallows toasting for dessert. How could you not love this!
  • Couples massage – if you are missing spa days like me, then this is perfect for relaxing, intimacy, and romance. Get some nice scented massage oils, one for each since I’m sure you both like different scents! Don’t rush it, take time, even watch a YouTube tutorial to make it feel more like a massage and less like torture!
  • Music and dance – I love music and dancing. They are the key to my heart! Create a playlist for the evening, set it up so you have different tempo music for different parts of the evening. Make sure you put a few songs you can get up and slow dance to, or maybe even a jive if you can do that sort of thing.

Home Alone?

Fear not, romance isn’t exclusively for couples! I, for one, often have romantic nights on my own! You can do all the things suggested above, but for one instead of two. If your partner lives in another house, then have a dinner date over video chat (think Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory ’Virtual Presence’ episode). Ok, so it’s not quite the same, but something is better than nothing. And with Wales heading for a second national lockdown we must make do with what we have.

Are you a hopeless romantic like me? I’d much rather some effort into an experience instead of expensive gifts with no sentiment behind them. Let me know what you like in a romantic gesture ❤


19 thoughts on “A Romantic Weekend – Lockdown Style

    • LifeofaCrazyMum says:

      Thank you 💜
      I try to use them with my kids but they tell me I’m weird for wanting a romantic meal with them! 😂 😂


  1. Jenny in Neverland says:

    Awh this is such a sweet idea! We’ve definitely all needed to adapt our romantic nights and date nights this year, haven’t we? There’s so much we can do at home and I think this year has forced us to get creative which is great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LifeofaCrazyMum says:

      Definitely, sometimes it’s easier to mooch around and not make an effort at home but I think this year has made us think differently 💜


    • LifeofaCrazyMum says:

      I always have date nights on my own (single life 🤦‍♀️😂) but sometimes it’s more relaxing as there’s no one there at annoy you haha x


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