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Is Emily in Paris Worth the Watch?

After landing her dream job in Paris, Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper embraces her adventurous new life while juggling work, friends and romance.


Ok… So the plot isn’t anything original, but if you want an easy watching then this is definitely worth the watch. Think Devil Wears Prada meets Ugly Betty, and you’ll get Emily in Paris. And instead of a magazine, think social media!

Emily finds herself having to join the French office without knowing a word of French! She turns up and immediately it’s a rocky start, with 5 floors to climb to her apartment with her heavy bags! As the series develops, so does her friendships, foeships, and Instagram following. As with any decent series, nothing quite goes to plan and there are always complications surrounding love, luck, and money. Emily encounters many issues we will all be able to empathise with which makes the series easy to engage with and enjoy.

Characters – Aimez ou Detestez?

Emily is easy to like, full of ambition, keen to please, and always helping others. She is fashionable with a unique flare and has a love of social media (don’t we all theses days!). Her eternal optimism shines through and is a huge reminder that every hiccup is an opportunity for something else.

The male characters are mostly strong and very masculine, with the odd exception. All with a strong sexy presence, lots of charm, and plenty of cheesy lines; even the one who reminded me of Einstein!

Some of the characters take longer to warm up to than others, in particular Luc and Julien (2 of her office colleagues). They start off with one liners that feel odd at times but as the series grows, so do their characters.

J’aime Paris

There are some beautiful scenic shots of the city, lots of gorgeous colouring, and a glamourous feel to the cinematography. I loved the outfits, especially the contrast between Emily (American) and Sylvie (French) which add as a visual cue to their personality differences and difficulties. The backdrops are always on point, either beautiful views, or bright flowers, or delightful shops. The whole series oozes romance and I love that! After all, Paris is the city of love, right?…

Emily gets to attend numerous events for her job as well, and this is where the glam really does come alive. Champagne, posh frocks, softly lit city sights, and unplanned shenanigans.

Overall Tres Bien

One of my favourite episodes was Ep.8 Family Affair. I mean, this just reminded me of some of the scrapes I have found myself in. It was just so funny as well as cringy! No spoilers but think naked old men, inappropriate entanglements, and general awkwardness!

By the end, I really liked all the characters, even Sylvie. We get to see the cracks in her hard-exterior shell and begin to see glimmers of softening. The series also covers some serious topics in the under current; infidelity, patriarchy, misogyny, prejudices, and bullying, to name just a few! I’m glad topics like these are becoming mainstream, however, sometimes when they are put in the ‘comedy’ arena they can seem minimized and seemingly more acceptable. For example, there is one scene, when Emily receives sexy lingerie at work from a client, who deems it acceptable because he believes she needs to love herself!

As the final episode finishes, there are many un-answered questions and a bit of a cliff-hanger, so I would assume a second series is looming. At least, I hope so. This was a series that is right up my street; quite fast paced, plenty of twists and turns, and mostly happy endings!

Perfect for autumn evenings with wine and junk food. I’ve never been to Paris, but this series makes me want to go! Anyone want to join me?!


20 thoughts on “Is Emily in Paris Worth the Watch?

  1. aspoonfulofvanilla says:

    I have seen so many people talk about this show but I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. After reading your post I am going to have to watch it asap!

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