Family Film Night for Under £10!

Since I have written a couple of posts about films/Netflix, it is probably fitting that I should share some tips on creating a family film night on a budget.

Friday night is our family film night. It has always been one of my fondest memories from my own childhood… Blockbuster (WHO!!), chocolate, and all of us sat in the living room as a family. When I began my own family, I knew this was one of the traditions I wanted to recreate.

When money is tight, I find more inventive ways to make sure film nights still happen. I cherish them even more nowadays as my children are teens (16 & 17) and they don’t spend as much time with me anymore. Our film nights have always included pizza, treats, and obviously a film!

Sometimes film nights have been cinema trips, but mostly they are spent in the comfort of our home, snuggled up in our pj’s. A night out to the cinema for 3 of us could cost anything up to £60, whilst a takeaway, treats, and a film at home cost on average £30.

So, how have I managed to get film nights down to under £10?!

By utilizing deals, and freebies! Initially, I started reducing the cinema trip costs by using Tesco Clubcard Rewards. There are plenty of pizza restaurants in the reward scheme, and you can triple the value of your points i.e £1.50 Tesco points = £4.50 meal voucher. This used to save me around £40!!

Then I started replacing the takeaway pizza (usually Dominoes) with supermarket ones, saving on average £15!! But even with these savings, the cheapest film nights would still cost around £20, including a cheap DVD, or cinema tickets.

But I have finally got my film night budget to below £10, and I am super chuffed! Here’s how I did it.

Free Film Rental!

As a Vodafone customer I regularly receive deals or freebies through their Very Me Rewards loyalty scheme. I was lucky enough to get a free rental from Chili online streaming service. No other purchase was required, but I have since taken their own deals such as ‘rent a film for £1.90’. There seems to be a more recent range of films on there compared to Prime or Netflix.

Discount Sweets!

Another great find on Very Me rewards was a sweet bundle from Candy Kittens for free, and just pay £2.99 postage. I received 4 packets of sweets, in 3 flavours; blueberry bliss (2 of), tropical mango, and sour watermelon. They are delicious, and vegan friendly. They have lasted me 2 film nights so far (with 2 packets still remaining), making my film night budget 75p per session. Whilst this offer is no longer available from Vodafone, I definitely recommend heading over the Candy Kitten website to order some delicious sweets, a 138g bag will cost £3 ❤

Epic Pizza Deal!

Co-op won me over with their pizza deal. 2 pizzas and a tub of Ben & Jerrys ice-cream for £5!! What a bargain. I also allow a budget of £1 each for the kids to pick some chocolate.

Boom! Family Film Night for less than £10 … £7.75 to be exact! WHAT A BARGAIN!!

Let me know what your treat night hacks are, sharing is caring ❤


6 thoughts on “Family Film Night for Under £10!

  1. thathappyreader says:

    Well done! I love family movie nights and you’ve found a great way to make them both fun and economical. Making pizza in our house tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

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