Internet Dating… Are there any decent guys left out there?

18 months ago I decided to give online dating another chance…..I have delved in and out of a few sites, only managing a couple of weeks at a time before I get bored and delete my profile/app. This time I thought I’d give Tinder and Plenty of Fish a try….. Match just brought me heartache the last time I tried!

In all honesty, I have never seen so many ‘man parts’ in all of my life as I did on these two sites…..

Since when has it been appropriate to show a woman you manhood just because she has asked, “How are you?”? This has never happened to me in a bar, so why does it happen over the internet?……. Oh wait, there was this one time at Peppermint in Cardiff where a guy showed me his willy as I was stood at the bar…. I wasn’t impressed then either and had him thrown out!

I did consider turning these inappropriate and unwanted pictures into a book entitled… Trying to Finding a Prince in a *Richard’s nickname* Pic! But then decided that if my eyes were offended by some of the sights, then it might not be suitable for the general public.

I did, however, save one picture! It was very arty and I’m not convinced it was a ‘real’ picture from the person sending it. I did think it would make a lovely canvass for my wall (when the kids grow up and leave!).


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